Here are the testimonials from other sites which We Train You Gain personal trainers can be found on. If you like to go to them and it will show you how clients are happy and grateful for the help that our trainer’s have given. Furthermore, It shows how our trainers have a wide range of specialisms, which can help our clients hit the targets they want to achieve.
David has said on his personal story.

Raphael is a really nice guy who knows his stuff and has a well equipped gym at home. He knows what routines you need and will push you just enough.

Louise Has given a testimonial from bark. com.

Raphael was supportive, motivating and tailored the fitness and eating programme to my personal needs. He always made me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel judged at any stage during my time of trained by him. I would definitely recommend anyone being trained by Raphael, as he will get the results you want.

Victoria has said on his personal story.

I was responded to promptly, and my circumstances and health considerations were met sympathetically. I found my trainer understood both me and my requirements well and goes above and beyond to help me, and looks after me while keeping me motivated. I fully recommend this PT.

Denise Has given a testimonial from bark. com.

A great trainer with lots of knowledge and back ground in rehabilitation as Raphael helped me back to being strong with my MS

Paul Has given a testimonial from bark. com and face book.

Raphael my trainer discussed with me what I wanted to achieve body wise and then looked at exercises I can and cant do. He also discussed nutrition and diet with me again taking into account foods I like and don’t to help make it easy to set a plan I can stick to. The training was clear and made enjoyable as Raphs easy to get along with. best investment I’ve made in a long time.

Adrienne Has given a testimonial from bark. com and face book.

Raph started me on a fitness programme last year after finishing my cancer treatment it bought my fitness level back up and also my confidence he is a wonderful instructor who is very dedicated to his job and cannot thank him enough for the support he has given me.