How Sleep is important to us!

Studies have shown that inadequate sleep dramatically effects our ability to lose fat by up to 55%. There are many reasons for this, including that lack of sleep is associated with poorer muscle recovery, increased stress and, the most influential factor associated with weight gain, our bodies experience an increased production of a hormone called Ghrelin, something that is associated with a reduced metabolic speed and largely triggered by a lack of sleep. Higher levels of Ghrelin cause us to be hungrier and reduce our energy expenditure.

This means that people who sleep less are going to want to eat more. This can lead to big problems, especially when we are tired and fatigued as we’ll be less likely to make good food choices. If like many people with busy schedules you are only getting 4-5 hours sleep most nights, run an experiment and ensure that you get 7 hours sleep for two weeks in a row. I can virtually guarantee that all else being equal you will be leaner at the end of those two weeks.

We have had a few clients that because of their mental health have not been sleeping well and this has effected their workouts and their training was effected by lack of energy and their own mental power was very low. They kept pushing weights and where upset that they were not hitting their best weight when they had sleep and the frustration showed all the way through, until they got on top of their sleep patterns and this then helped them increase their weights and rep range.