How does personal training work?

Modern personal training is all about providing an absolute 100 per cent focus on the needs of the client. A personal trainer is highly qualified and delivers a fully loaded and personally-tailored health and lifestyle packages. As well as assessing different elements of your fitness (like strength and flexibility), a good trainer will devise and deliver a totally bespoke programme, built around you and your goals. They will also factor in nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation where necessary in to the programme to achieve your fitness goals.
A personal trainer will continually adapt your programme so that it has plenty of variety, remains fresh and will focus completely on you throughout your sessions together. A personal trainer is also effectively there to help you over come mental barriers which you might put in place to stop you achieving your goals.

Some Typical personal training services offered:

Health and fitness assessments
Every personal trainer will seek to evaluate your baseline fitness on a variety of criteria, which can include health screening such as blood pressure, resting heart rate, lung function, grip strength, cardiovascular and muscular strength testing. Furthermore, it may involve some other analysis, for example, looking at issues such as diet, hydration, alcohol consumption, posture, and flexibility.

• Home and workplace training
Sessions in your own home or place of work if convenience is a key factor, with all equipment brought to your front door.

Rehabilitation from exercise injuries
Training and rehab program design to help recover from injury.

• Nutritional plans
Nutrition plans for both everyday living and specifically for performance and competition.
• Lifestyle advice
Support and advice on lifestyle issues such as stress, smoking and work-life-balance. Some personal trainers are also additionally qualified as life-coaches.