Disability  health and wellness: 

Exercise can be hard enough, but for those with disabilities there are significant extra challenges to overcome depending upon the disability. From mobility issues to the ability to safely follow instruction, the gym can sometimes feel alien or a scary dangerous place yet the benefits of exercise regardless of age and health is endless. Regular exercise stops muscle wastage, helps reduce weight, tone up areas of excess skin but also can help regulate sleep, blood pressure problems and appearance not to mention just feeling good and positive. Our team of highly experienced and qualified trainers have significant experience of working with and helping those with a wide range of disabilities and health issues. Our specialist care and one to one attention can help show you how to achieve the results you want so that you do not have to worry about feeling out of place or not knowing what to do. Our dedicated professionals will take you step by step through everything on each and every session you want so that you ensure not only that what you are doing is safe and right for you but that also the time you spend exercising is fun and productive. So many people want to get the benefits of regular exercise but they don’t as they worry they aren’t fit enough, or they won’t know what to do or that they get bored. With our team none of this is an issue as we make it fun and enjoyable yet safe and we ensure that its tailor made to maximise your results. Join us to find out why so many others train with us and start your journey to a healthier and happier you today.