A few tips to help you train!

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Eat a great fibre breakfast Here’s a yummy, easy breakfast idea that will make a big difference to your day. Choose a cereal that includes at least 10 grams of fibre and top it with Greek yoghurt and raspberries. Greek yoghurt includes three times more protein than normal yoghurt, while raspberries are packed with tummy-filling fibre.

clean eating!

19th October 2018Exercise, News, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Have you heard of clean eating? It’s the new buzz phrase in nutrition. The days of calorie counting and low fat diet foods are soon going to be a thing of the past and in its place whole and natural nutrition. Eating clean does not mean washing your fruits and vegetables before preparing them. It

Personal Training

1st October 2018Nutrition, Tips, Weight Loss

How does personal training work? Modern personal training is all about providing an absolute 100 per cent focus on the needs of the client. A personal trainer is highly qualified and delivers a fully loaded and personally-tailored health and lifestyle packages. As well as assessing different elements of your fitness (like strength and flexibility), a

Karen’s weight loss journey

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Karen’s story of her wellness and weight loss journey with We Train You Gain. Karen says: “I have had weight issues for most of my adult life.  There seemed to be a cycle with me.  I would be feeling fat and down, and depressed so I would comfort eat to cheer myself up.  But after doing so, I

Breakfast on the Go!

25th July 2018Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Try out this amazing Black Forest fruit overnight oats. Another amazing recipe idea from our nutrition advisor. We should eating a healthy and substantial breakfast so that you have enough energy stores that will take you on till your lunch. but if you can’t wait till lunch then we have some health snacks that you

Meal Idea’s

24th July 2018Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Can you guess how many calories are in this amazing Fillet steak salad with herby new potatoes? I bet it’s less than you think. More great nutritional meal ideas available from our nutrition adviser here @wetrainyougain_ #steakdinner #healthymeals  

7 reasons to start exercising (besides weight loss)

11th May 2018Exercise, Weight Loss

We all love food.  In particular, sweet things, and fatty things. In the words of the Borg, Resistance is futile. But what if you could eat all these lovely things every now and again? can we actually train ourselves to eat in moderation? Well, the answer is YES. You can eat in moderation, you can balance