Karen’s story of her wellness and weight loss journey with We Train You Gain.

Karen says:

“I have had weight issues for most of my adult life.  There seemed to be a cycle with me.  I would be feeling fat and down, and depressed so I would comfort eat to cheer myself up.  But after doing so, I would feel even more unhappy with myself for allowing myself to do it; it was a cycle that just went round and round.I have always been a fairly active person though, never one to be called lazy I don’t think there has been a diet or exercise regime that I haven’t followed at some time or another, but whilst some of these gave me results, I found them tough to stick to, and always reverted back to my cycle of being unhappy and overweight.  

A friend of mine at work suggested that we join the local gym to ‘get thin’ as she put it.  I agreed halfheartedly, thinking, here we go again!  Something else that won’t work! When we walked into the gym that first time I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. I felt so self conscious and down about myself, and didn’t see myself fitting in there for one minute. I couldn’t wait to get out of there!  We were greeted my an instructor named Raph, He asked us several questions etc, and gathered certain information together, he asked me to hop on the scales to see what I weighed.  I could have cried at that point, I told him I didn’t need to know my weight it was perfectly obvious that I was well overweight.  Raph was very sweet about this and didn’t push the matter any further; he seemed to sense that I was finding the experience uncomfortable.  He asked me what I wanted to get out of my time at the gym.  I simply told him ‘make me thin!’  That’s all I want!  Raph wrote individual programmes out for us to follow and showed us how to use the equipment.  We decided to go to the gym 3 nights a week after work, a Monday, a Wednesday, and a Friday.  We enjoyed it, and although there was no weight loss, I have to say, it was good fun.  Raph would speak to us on a regular basis and give us advice and useful tips, and tweak our programmes accordingly. 

After a couple of months my friend decided for her own reasons that it wasn’t for her and she quit the gym.  I still hadn’t lost any weight, but I was getting into it at that point and decided to stick at it for a while longer being as I had come so far already.  Going on my own 3 nights a week was actually easier for me to go along with, it seemed to make me more focused and even more determined. I started talking to lots of different people in the gym and made a lot of new friends.  And…..  Started to notice weight coming off me too!  Now I couldn’t wait to get up there!  I had the bug!  I loved it!  Raph continued to tweak my programmes and give me regular pep talks and advice and support.  We had a few ‘run ins’ along the way, I couldn’t understand why he was giving me certain exercises to do, I told him this, saying, I just want you to make me thin that’s all, I don’t need to be doing half of this stuff!  Just get the weight off me!  Raph explained to me that, he couldn’t get me slim unless he got me fit first as the two go hand in hand.  I really started to understand the logic from then on.  

I continued to lose weight and to tone up.  I was now more focused on my gym visits!   Everyone I knew outside the gym and lots of people I knew in there started complimenting me on my weight loss and determination, they gave me great words of encouragement.  I started to feel like I was on top of the world!  I kept having to throw out old clothes and replace them with smaller sizes, and each lot of replacement clothes I bought were even more colourful and trendy!  It felt fantastic to go into fashionable shops and pick up the latest trends, fashions, colours etc and know I could wear them, and actually look good in them!  My confidence was growing from strength to strength along with my social life.  

Raph continued tweaking my programmes on a regular basis and giving me one to one chats to see how everything was going.  And I wasn’t ‘binge’, comfort eating anymore.  In fact, I hadn’t even looked at my diet, it just sorted itself out.  I couldn’t eat  half of the amount I used to eat anymore due to my tummy being half its original size, and I didn’t want to either, why would I want a big greasy pizza and chips as a ‘snack’ when I looked this good?  I found that I was eating sensibly, everything, but in moderation.  There was no denying myself things.  Just thinking a little more carefully about my choices.  A sensible breakfast, a sensible lunch, sensible snacks, a proper tea.  And if on occasion I fancied something bad, that was ok too.  It was all about balance, and that works for me.  

It’s been just short of 2 years now since that very first day in the gym, when I wanted the ground to swallow me up!  And I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.  I’ve met some wonderful friends along the way, and I have even inspired several people to join because they are so amazed by my transformation.  

Raph is my hero really.  He stuck by me from day one and had faith in me.  He listened to me, he helped me, he advised me, and he pushed me when I felt like giving up.  He believed in me and put a lot of his time and effort into getting me to where I am today.  I will always be so very grateful to him for that.  He’s taught me that I can eat what I want and when I want, just how to do it sensibly.  And I can be lazy if I want to be, just strike a balance.  He didn’t build me up like some big body builder and he didn’t make me stick thin, he has helped me to create a slim, healthy sized, well toned figure that is easy to maintain and that anyone would be proud of.  I’m glad I went up the gym that day!  And very glad that I was allocated an instructor as dedicated and caring to people as Raph is.  It is an ongoing experience that has changed my life for the better and opened new doors for me.  And what a wonderful journey it is. 

Karen Crane