Try out this amazing Black Forest fruit overnight oats. Another amazing recipe idea from our nutrition advisor. We should eating a healthy and substantial breakfast so that you have enough energy stores that will take you on till your lunch. but if you can’t wait till lunch then we have some health snacks that you can eat so you not putting weight on. we have lots of diet plans and healthy eating plans that will help you and are tailored to your needs.

Make a habit of snacking on these little sweet treats. Strawberries contain more water than any other berry with a water density of over 90 per cent, making them great for your pre-run hydration diet, or as part of your mid-run refueling strategy. They are also high in vitamin B folate which helps keep your arteries clear, allowing more red blood cells to carry the oxygen your muscles need during a your run, whilst there high sucrose levels give a welcome energy boost when engaging in those long runs.

Possibly the healthiest and most waterlogged option on this list.
Whether you decide to slice them into batons to have with some hummus, or simply throw them in with a salad, Cucumbers are an excellent choice to keep hydrated. They are approximately 96 percent water, making them perfect for taking fluid on board, whilst they have the added bonus of being very high in vitamin K which helps increase bone strength.

Other than the name which obviously indicates that it consists of water, this fruit is a tasty way to keep hydrated. The fruit itself is made up of 92 percent water, and contains calcium, magnesium, and is an excellent source of vitamin C which can aid in reducing upper respiratory tract infections which can often occur in athletes following endurance runs.

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