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There are many reasons why people choose to exercise, and my philosophy is that it can be enjoyable.  The benefits really do outweigh everything else.  The thing to remember here is that I can help almost everyone where ever you are starting from.

Whether you want to reduce health risks, or look and feel better I can help you achieve your goals. Using a fun approach that’s really relaxed and informal, we can work together to get you where you want to be.

As to my personal investment in health and well being, I’ve been involved in the industry for over 10 years and have been on my own journey to health and fitness too.

I really enjoy athletics and have run national and international events. I am also still a keen runner and still have a small running group that I train with.

As to my credentials, I have a degree in Sports and Marketing and a masters in Sports Science so I’ve got a a vast knowledge of training systems.

I have helped train some great runners. I have even trained some of them to go on to run in the finals of the AAA, and one individual who has played for the Ireland sevens team.

I am keen on my own personal training and I am always learning and teaching myself new routines, and also how to work with new technology.

I’ve been helping people achieve their results, from people who just want to lose some weight, to those who need more help and are referred by doctors.

Aside from my personal training business, I have been active in the disability fitness sector for more than fifteen years, both as a hands-on expert and a national adviser.  I have lobbied local councillors and Members of Parliament about facilities and fitness requirements for disabled people locally and nationally.

I am also a member of the Board of Trustees and a Chairman for my charity that I founded, called Fitness without Boundaries.


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Hi there! I’m Sam, We Train You Gain’s Nutrition Adviser. I believe that ‘health and fitness begins with what you put on your plate’.

From swimming at a competitive level in my youth to training/fueling myself in the gym in my adult years i have always been interested in health, fitness and nutrition.

For many years i worked as a private nanny looking after many families with different aged children. Part of this role was to ensure the children were fit and healthy and eating a balanced diet. This is where my passion for the world of health and fitness escalated. I have since studied and educated myself more about nutrition and now i’m committed to using this knowledge to educate others.


  • Diploma in Nutrition and weight management
  • Master Class in Eat to Gain nutrition
  • Master Class in Food Allergies and Intolerance
  • Master Class in Diabetes
  • Master Class in Pre and Post Natal nutrition

Further study in Childhood Obesity Prevention and Behaviour Changes ongoing.


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I’m Ciaran Leeson, We Train You Gain’s strength and conditioning coach.

A keen rugby player, I’ve played for Irelands under 19s as well as the Worcester Cavaliers.

Ex track athlete and I also have a Bsc in Sport Strength and Conditioning (snazzy huh!)

Here at We Train You Gain I specialise in;

  • Performance training
  • Strength training
  • Fitness and conditioning
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Body composition
  • Injury prevention

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