This a story of how a client is effect by mental health issues and has come to We Train You Gain, to help her. Here is her story.

As a sufferer of bipolar, with concurrent depression and anxiety attached for good measure, it would be so easy for me to become a recluse. I never want to go out, and when I am out I just want to come home.

The Medications

The medications I take are anti depressants, mood stabilisers, and hard core sleep aids, because I forgot to mention I am also an insomniac. The combination appear to slow the metabolism right down so eating a relatively healthy diet became insufficient to stay at a weight I was happy with.

The Gym

The thought of going to a busy gym, all the noise, all the body perfects posturing… Quite frankly made me feel sick and genuinely had anxiety attack written all over it.

My Personal Trainer

So I revelled in the misery of gaining weight, and feeling worse about myself than ever. So I started exercising with Raphael, he would come to my house and sometimes I went to his but at no time was i subjected to anything I was uncomfortable with, albeit even if it was in my head.

My Feelings

Just doing something for myself, not anything more than self care was a really important step for me. Feeling better about myself, making a new friend, we’re all baby steps towards me not being defined by my illnesses/disabilities.

Don’t get me wrong, I have days now where I dont want to get out of bed, let alone the house but I make myself. I have a yoga mat on my bedroom floor where I just stretch out all the kinks and hold the positions for as long as I can.

I walk my dog every day, it gets me outside, taking on lumens and breathing fresh air. Even if I come home and do nothing because it has taken all my mental energy… I did it, and I did it because I know I feel better for it.

I am not and never will be someone who wants to push themselves physically and here is my point…  Exercising when depressed or anxious, or like me sometimes have no idea what my head is doing, grounds you. It focuses you, it releases happy chemicals in your system, and it makes you feel better about yourself.